Feb. 16th, 2009 10:35 pm
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I had a loooong weekend full of fun and adventure. I want to write all about it. I really want to write all about saturday, but first I need to just start a piece I will eventually write about saturday right this minute.

I am wondering how exactly it is that my life ended up as such that I would be in a public bathroom at Quincy Market, pants around my knees, spilling manjuice all over myself. How did the universe conspire this one, I wonder? How did everything line up so perfectly that, just before I started spilling jizz down my pants and all over the bathroom floor, a woman would walk in on me in the public bathroom at Quincy Market? And that a woman would also be in the next stall, both of them likely seeing this mystery fluid dripping all over the floor next to the toilet? It's pretty phenominal, really.

That's all for now, but... I needed you all to know, at least sort of, what happened. Horribly disappointing and wildly funny. So. There. Damnit.
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Ree just convinced me to send the wrestling piece to This American Life. I came back from the store and she was sitting in the front room laughing her ass off with my paper in her hand. "Oh, hey, can I read this?" haha. I miss her.
So, I'm gonna do it. Cool.

Next: I'm allowing myelf to be swept off my feet next week after finals. By someone I have not yet met. This is an interesting new dynamic... more talking less fucking, that is. And it has bounds, due to moving and distance and whatnot. I'm going up to Seattle. To see The Gardner. That's her name now. She's gonna come pick me up and take me back with her. I'm making cookies. We're gonna sand a chair. And stuff.

AND then there's someone else. Who, as chance would have it, also lives in Seattle. Who I will meet the weekend I get back from North Carolina. In a hotel lobby. I have instructions. She doesn't yet have a name for here. This thing is very different from the other thing and both are very different from the current thing(s).
Ask me how I'm maintaining this and I will tell you the truth: I have no fucking clue.
Ask me how I'm getting so lucky with all this attention and I will tell you the same truth.

And now, it's stir fry time. yum.
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I am writing a paper about Flint, in the form of a sort of review of Roger and Me. Which I just watched again. Last time I watched it I totally lost it near the end. The woman screaming at her kids as she's getting evicted on x mas eve and then Roger Smith's christmas speech intermingled. Fuck man. This time I'm almost numb. But it's really hard to write about. I feel like a traitor. Besides, I like to write things that are funny with a dull ache. There's nothing funny here.

On the point of writing... I'm going to print a short story zine-thingy to distribute at festival. I'll give a stack away and try to sell some at the craft fair. So, any of you on here can have one (since I post the shit on here anyway, and I love you people), just let me know and I'll put you on a list.
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This time about my wrestling client - who I've been wrestling for over 2 years now.
I read this in class last night, as per request, and had to stop about 8 times because people were laughing so hard. That was a surprise to me. There was one part where I had to stop because I was laughing too hard to see... so I mean, I do think it's funny, but...
Anyway, it's really really long. 10 pages. If you really do want to read it, you might wanna print it.
--as an aside, this userpic was made using the picture I sent to potential clients.
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Here it is. It's pretty effing long, but read it if you wanna. it could still use some fine tuning... but it's a little funny and i like having things stored on here.
oh - it's the story of how I started smoking when I was 7.

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I'm at school early. Had a date with the hot librarian last night, and you know what? the hot librarian is.... well, hot.  she had to go to work, so... I took the ride rather than stay in bed an extra half hour to talk the bus.
The thing is, I brought my computer to school so I could finish my essay for writing, but I can't get it out of my email and into my computer because i used a newer version of microsoft office word on the school computer to revise it last time. Now it's not formatted for my version of word, and it's stuck in my email. I think I might just retype what I changed last time so i can still keep my electronic copy.
I should get on that. My looong day begins in an hour and fifteen minutes.


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