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i like kissing. I especially like having first kisses and then going home. Which is incredibly unlike me, because, well, I'm a trashy slut. But going home after a really nice date, sexual tension still intact, sometimes makes it even nicer.
I would most likely not have come home, but I have class tomorrow. And I skipped calculus on monday. I've been slacking a bit, and I htink it's okay because this term has been a relatively light load. but I'm still using "it's finals week" as an excuse for things, like being stressed out and isolating myself and not making plans. But then I go to do work, and I kinda freeze. So, I think what's happening is a slower, gentler anxiety than I'm used to, just about life and money and school and everything in the whole world. My room is a fucking mess. I'm behind in my school work - but not by much. I think it's possible that I don't have car insurance but I just can't quite deal with it, even enough to confirm the fact that I don't have it. That part's just stupid, really.
It just feels strange, I guess. I think I'll be able to get a better hold on things when jones and I come back from SF, and I get a little time to just be at home.
Oh, one thing I can't believe I almost forgot... DAVID MOVED OUT!!! yes! no more loogies in my sink! He left fucking dvd's from the video store in his room and a couple dishes, and I can't believe that, but he's GONE. I'm not allowed to live with boys any more. Icky. I never confronted him on the things that he did that made me so grossed out, instead I just avoided him. So there's a limit to how much I can bitch about him, really. But not much limit to how happy I can be to have a bathroom to myself again.
I'm going to get up early tomorrow and try to catch up on calculus. Related rates. SO that means I'd better sleep. now.
Did I mention I like kissing? And metalmouthed nerds? Oh, well, I do.


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