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I just ordered crocs. A pregnancy gift from my mumma. I hope they're wide enough... I need slip-ons. And these are... not so bad. And fake fur lined. I'm apprehensive.


Mar. 6th, 2009 01:47 pm
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Because I have a little extra time, I have decided to go back through everything I packed for two reasons...

1.) I went through two boxes yesterday labeled "Memory Lane" and turned them into one box.
and 2.) I have been shopping. Umn, kind of a lot. The thing is, I have a little extra money now that I am going on this tour, and there are things I have been wanting for a long time and could not afford. Such as new underwear, cardigans, jeans so I have more than two pairs that fit me, and shoes to wear with jeans that are not sneakers and can also be worn with skirts. I have not yet crossed that line, and I'm having a hard time with it.

fashioney )


Mar. 7th, 2008 03:26 pm
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I love my new red gingham dress.
I scored this and three other dressed and Three pairs of shoes that FIT at goodwill the other day.

and while I'm at it... a little grr:
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We'll call it, "What has Charlz bought on the interweb in the last 26 hours?"
The deluxe edition (it's in color). (And, sorry the pics are so large.)

g. All of the above.

If you chose "g. all of the above," you are... wrong. I only bid on the sewing machine, and haven't won it yet. Otherwise... that would be correct. You can also add to that: A movie that is a gift for someone who might read this, and the study guide for that there chemistry book.
I feel alright about these things. However, I will be receiving 32 pairs of earrings in the mail. That's mildly overwhelming.
EEk. Retail therapy.
School starts monday.
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not for a whole lot of reasons... it was just pleasant. It did, however, involve a lot of corporate whoring, and I feel okay about it.
I woke up at the BTs, was shoved around and violated and that's a good beginning.
Then had breakfast and lots of laughter with some lovely friends. That involved seeing myriah, serious bonus.
Then came home, showered, emailed, etc....
Then went shopping. I kicked around old navy (4 shirts... sales), linens n things (didn't get anything there...), home depot (I got a wonder bar!!), and then Target (shirt, blow dryer, etc).
Finally, on to blockbuster, where I picked up 3 movies and wandered around talking to my mumma for about an hour (yes, in blockbuster), I miss her so much, but we haven't had a good long conversation in far too long and I'm so glad we did.
Now, I will make some dinner, watch a movie or two, or three, and have a cocktail or two or three.
I was going to go out tonight, but I think what I really want is to stay at home, and that feels healthy enough.


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