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Well, I went to a temp agency today. It was alright, and I feel like it will be fruitful. One good thing is that they don't have any jobs that pay less than nine bucks an hour. I mean, it would be cool to make twelve, but whatever. Really, I just hope to make between one nad two hundred bucks a week, and not lose my benefits - food stamps, WIC, medical coupons. I didn't mention those things, but I felt like I was already in such a small bracket of employability because of my time restrictions.
I didn't wirte yet about what I might be doing with my girlfriend's bff's high school -- she works there. As a counselor, I believe. And she has a small amount of money to give to someone to run an after-school class or something. But, we couldn't find anything I can teach them... BUT here's the thing-- they need a facilitator for the GSA meetings. And she asked me to do it!! I think it's like fifty bucks a week, one meeting per week. I get to hang out with homo teenagers. Hell YEAH! I hope it works out. More to come.

And the pregnancy update. Well, I'm still pregnant and that is AWESOME! The embryo is the size of a large raspberry. I want to say marionberry because of where I live. I am still haveing very vivid and emotional dreams each night, but they aren't keeping me from sleeping at all. If I eat a whole meal I feel really sick and pukey. I almost threw up at a show the ther night. (did i post about that? I don't remember) Being in the bar was fucking disgusting! I could smell everything. Including someone's yeast infection. Whether or not people had been smoking reefer. A few hundred beers open and a few hundred more spilled on the floor in the last year. And in between shows I ate a huge plate of enchiladas, beans, and rice that almost ended up on the floor with all those beers.
What else? My tits hurt!! And my nipples are changing and tender. And my back is still weird, but better (! woohoo !). And I want to eat steak all day, but that's not so new.

Tonight I am meeting one of the Brute's brothers who I have not met yet. He and his family are staying at her place tonight and she's staying here. I'm a little nervous to meet him and his fam. We shall see.... I worry that he is a homophob.

And last, I am having a date tomorrow with someone I've been dirty emailing with. I think we will have fun, and I am still nervous. I feel like we have great chemisrty in writing but we are a little awkward/easily misunderstand each other over the phone. And something weird came up, but I think we've worked it out. No, we haven't met yet. Tomorrow.
I have to remember not to eat too much at dinner!
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