Feb. 4th, 2009

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  • I don't like this house anymore.
  • It's impossible to keep this house clean, how will I manage when I am working?
  • I am nervous about my date on Friday.
  • If I were the 'proper' BMI for the sleep study I would weigh 160 at the absolute max (which is still 'obese'). The last time I weighed so little I was on a lot of speed and working at UPS. Right now I weigh 210, and no, I don't feel great in my body... I am getting winded too easily. Closer to 180 feels good on my body... But the goal for me is to feel good, not weigh a certain amount.
  • My calves still hurt really bad from working out in bedroom the other day, but i still need to excercise. So...
  • I am going to go for a very long walk.
  • Umn. I got a job*.
  • I am stressed out that I will not be able to come up with enough money to move.
  • I really really really love my girlfriend.
  • I also really really really love my friends.
  • It would be awesome to see more of the people listed in the last two items.
  • Next weekend I am going to get two fillings, and get paid to get them. Awesome. The last time I got fillings I may have been 12.
  • I'm goingt o inseminate next weekend, too.
* Yes, i got a job It's cleaning houses for 9.50/hr, and will only be like 10-15 hours per week. I need to include the fact that I will be getting out of the house as payment, because I think it will do me more good than i can possibly describe. Also, I will be moving my body which always makes me feel better. I'm very nervous about coming up with enough money to move, as I mentioned. But right now I need to have faith that the universe will take care of me, as it always does.
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I mentioned earlier that I am nervous about my date on Friday. So, yeah, I have a date Friday. With a new person. A stranger, but not in the way that I called the Brute a stranger, because by the time I met her we were pretty much in it. Even if we were telling ourselves it was going to be a casual one night stand.
Anyway, this new person... )


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