Mar. 13th, 2008


Mar. 13th, 2008 03:57 pm
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my arrival date is now July 6th. And my mumma's gonna be there, too!! I'm so excited to stay at the house while not in the middle of a horrible break up. I can just work and relax and not be confused and hurt and feeling like I'm being treated like shit the whole time. FUCK yes!
I'm so lucky.
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I used to measure everything in packs of cigarettes. That was how much money things cost. Three packs of smokes. Five bags of bali shag... etc.
Now, I don't do that and I think it has made me worse with money. If, indeed, that is at all possible.
ps. I'm broke and we're more than a month away from financial aid day. sonofabitch.
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Ree just convinced me to send the wrestling piece to This American Life. I came back from the store and she was sitting in the front room laughing her ass off with my paper in her hand. "Oh, hey, can I read this?" haha. I miss her.
So, I'm gonna do it. Cool.

Next: I'm allowing myelf to be swept off my feet next week after finals. By someone I have not yet met. This is an interesting new dynamic... more talking less fucking, that is. And it has bounds, due to moving and distance and whatnot. I'm going up to Seattle. To see The Gardner. That's her name now. She's gonna come pick me up and take me back with her. I'm making cookies. We're gonna sand a chair. And stuff.

AND then there's someone else. Who, as chance would have it, also lives in Seattle. Who I will meet the weekend I get back from North Carolina. In a hotel lobby. I have instructions. She doesn't yet have a name for here. This thing is very different from the other thing and both are very different from the current thing(s).
Ask me how I'm maintaining this and I will tell you the truth: I have no fucking clue.
Ask me how I'm getting so lucky with all this attention and I will tell you the same truth.

And now, it's stir fry time. yum.


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