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I swear, I can almost feel my spirit growing lighter as my Saturn return is closing. Or whatever it's doing.


What a fucking trip. Buh. Bye.


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Huge fight. Forgotten keys. Herpes on my forehead. Incredibly defensive. Death. Windless sails. Toddler head injury. Panic attack. ER. Whiskey.


I am pretty sure I aged at least five years today.


Good night friends.


Nov. 21st, 2011 10:00 pm
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I don't want to believe that such a bright light can go out so quickly and unexpectedly.


I feel confused and scared and so very sad.

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I went to Oliver's doctor yesterday to establish myself as her patient. I love her! I'm very excited to have a doctor, and the same doctor as Oliver! So cool....


Anyway. One of the things I wanted to see her about is this strange pain in my abdomen. Too high for ovaries (just had to add that to my phone's dictionary...). She did some poking around and it was pretty fucking painful. After class today I'm going to get a ct scan to rule out appendicitis. (sp?) God damn, I hope I don't need to have surgery in the middle of the term! Especially since I have a guest coming and my mom is gone half the time. She could adjust, of course....


What else? I'm totally in love. In therapy, I realized I was heavily limiting my relationship with The Ranger based on Tyler's judgements. I've let go of that and am finding myself feeling so happy with them. Mushy. Awesome.


And last, we may have found a new place to live! I'm hopeful. Will post later about my ct scan.... 

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The Ranger

Oct. 31st, 2011 08:18 am
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She brought me two giant dead salmon yesterday, from her park. One wild and one hatchery.
I told her once that dead things are the way to my heart. Totally my brand of romance. Sadly, we're moving soon, so I can't exactly bury them in the yard. She had to take them back, but still gets serious points.



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Sometimes I don't really understand how I'm supposed to do it all.

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