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i love that boy so much. I got a 6-page letter from him today, front and back in his tiny tiny handwriting. He has so much love in his angry teenage heart. It breaks mine to know he is in a place with so little love. A couple letters ago he asked me if he could name his daughter after me, if he ever gets out and has a daughter and his wife or whatever is cool with it. You know.


Dec. 4th, 2007 02:22 am
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My cousin was sentenced today. As an adult. He'll be doing 18 months, as long as he's well behaved, in the juvenile block of the prison in linwood.
It's not 20 years. But he's not home, either. I think mostly we're all just happy to have an answer, no more in-the-air.
Shit I miss him so much.
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Okay, apparently they pushed sentencing back one week.
BUT, one thing that's good is Spencer's lawyer presented a pile of papers outlining the changing testimonies of the other kid and the cops. Compared to all of Spencer's testimonies which have remained consistent. Also presented were a bunch of letters from the people that run the church at the detention center, and all of Spencer's teachers there who have written letters about what a great kid he is. And showing that he has straight A's in school right now. So, we'll see. These things might do him a world of good. The extra week could be a good thing.
I'm still freaking out.


Nov. 26th, 2007 08:53 am
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today is a huge day for my family. i can't focus on anything. Spencer is getting sentenced at 3pm, michigan time. please, please, please, y'all. Send good thoughts.


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