Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:15 am
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Well, I did make I-80 choke. I am now a couple hundred miles onto 84, in Burley, Idaho. I'm starting a little slow today because I drove 16 hours yesterday. Over 1000 miles, barely. I am convinced that if I did not have to pee so much, I would have gotten to Mara's yesterday. Okay, maybe not, but damn! At least once every hundred miles, and usually twice!
The hotel I'm in had a waffle bar this morning. Woohoo!! And tonight m lover is making me Kale. !!!  Greeeeeeens!
Here are a couple more pictures. xoxox

Ok... 1. wind turbines in Iowa. 2. The Sod House Museum, which was closed. 3. BUffalo Bill, apparently.
4. The sign just before this one said "Friend -- Exit 369".Sadly I did not get a picture of that. 5. Buffalo Bill Museum. I won the roar down.

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Umn. Gilly gave me the MOST amazing necklace today.

It's a motherfucking microscope!!!
Also, my prenatal vitamins are making my hair grow super fast....
And. A microscope!!!

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My glasses came on Saturday, and you know what that means! I have to post a million pictures of them. Okay, only a handful. I'm so excited. I feel like I'll have glasses for every outfit, and I have a pair of prescription sunglasses now. I don't love how they look, but I am so so sooo happy to be able to see while I'm driving! This is very exciting. The bummer thing is that I am pretty sure they came from a sweatshop, which I didn't realize until after they shipped it and I followed the link to my package tracking and it took me to the Hong Kong Post website. It's hard cause god damn. four pars of nice glasses for fifty four bucks? I probably would still have gotten them if I had known, to be honest.
Okay, enough... pictures!

Okay, the first are purple and black, second are brown and yellow and orange, and the third are tortoise shell. I think the last are my fave, even though they feel super dorky... They make me feel more visible as a queer. Is that weird?
I'm a little wired right now. It might be obvious. I had caffeine for the first time since november (minus one iced coffee on the drive home from Michigan in Dec.). It's been a great weekend, and now I feel like I'm really wrapping things up. My girlfriend is on a cruise. I leave three days after she gets back. Ten days. Holy shit.

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I start my job tomorrow. I do not want to. I had anxiety dreams about it, and now I want to call to just say "You know I'm actually leaving in April, right?" In the hopes that she will fire me before I start. Ugh. I don't like it, I am usually excited about new jobs. Like, really excited.

Also, I have an appointment with a doctor. And I'm not sick. Nothing is wrong with me, in fact (except I am a little nauseous). But I need to get a pre-pregnancy checkup, which, actually, by Friday I could be like a day pregnant. And I need to get glasses. I have to have a referral from my PCP in order for my insurance to pay for the eye exam, and then I will order glasses from Zenni Optical. zennioptical.com. These are my top picks right now:

If I got them all, complete pairs, it would be less than fifty bucks. So, pair #2, in brown and orange, and pair #4 in black.... I don't know if I can pull off light colored glasses... And pair #1 possibly in tortoiseshell. I'm so fucking excited.

Oh, and the other thing is that I am getting paid to get two fillings this weekend, for someone's dental exam. I'll get 25 bucks an hour and two free fillings. Sweet! I have to go get another xray this evening at 6 in Boston. So, it means three trips to Boston, but that's okay. Fillings!


Oct. 26th, 2008 01:50 pm
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The cuteness is killing me!

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I love living with a cat again. He's making me want more pets.
Look at him...

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Plus some more since moving here.
They're in my filthy facebook. --- click it.

A tour.

Sep. 9th, 2008 02:46 pm
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In order:
1. The view from my bed
2. The upstairs porch
3. Living room from the stairs
4. Kitchen/dining room
5. Living room from dining room
6. Downstairs porch -- notice there is a couch and a porch swing.
7. Outside
8. Other side
9. Mumma kayaking.
10. Jaycee the cat, who obviously hates it here.

I left off our bedrooms because we're still settling and they're a bit messy. And the bathrooms because they're nothing exciting.
Another photo post coming up...

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I got rid of so much stuff today! Yeah! That was like a quarter of my possessions, and there's more to go... I sold books to Powell's, clothes to stupid Buffalo Exchange, and sent 3 bags and a box to salval. Plus, I keep wanting to post pictures of my new favorite hair. I feel cute. And productive.
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Two things.... Ree asked me if I wanted this corset. I think she's a little confused about my size.
And second. The river all day with Zelda. Thank god. What an AMAZING day. It's nice when I can wear a bikini and feel sexy all day. i have some better pictures of both of us on my camera, but no cable right now. Later.

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remember this kid?

5am, me and Jonesy on our way to festival 2005 (?):

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Gifts that make charlz feel like a princess, number seven:

(sharpie for size reference. though they, too, are nice gifts)

And. Where I stayed last night:

Prince charming the gardener is somethin' else. Whoa.
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(... and my not-so-happy skin)
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North Carolina. March 26th
This is intense, but nice. I wish I had internet access because then I’d have easier communication with my friends and community. Instead I’m a little bit trapped in this mobile home with my sick step-mother and my dad, watching tv all day. Game shows during the day, horror movies at night. Lots of senseless violence. Lots of racist jokes coming from my dad. Family Feud: top eight reasons people give for not living in California. Dad shouts, “Mexicans!” repeatedly. And so on and so forth.
I’m ready to be in the arms of that handsome butch on Friday.
I spent a long time talking to Sandy earlier about abusive men and then about homophobia. It’s hard to talk to someone whose opinions are so different from mine. She’s also just not that smart, and I feel like most of her opinions (other than those about abusive men, as I learned today) are being repeated from things my dad says. Then I went outside and took pictures of their yard. Sandy took me on a driving tour of the swamp so I could take pictures. Millions of pictures of trees and lizards and swamp, and no pictures of my family.
There’s a lot of interesting role reversal happening here. My dad is on vacation from work this week and Sandy is really sick, so he’s doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning and stuff. He’s such a gruff guy. Watching him go back and forth is interesting. One minute he’s ragging on her, joking with her like he always does – which is way too hard – and then apologizing for being so rough in a way that’s more gentle than I thought he was capable of being. There’s a lot of pain behind his eyes and hers, too, but it’s not acknowledged. That’s not how I prefer things.
Right now I have let go of the idea that wearing headphones in the same room as other people is rude because it’s either this or the sounds of Death Wish IV. No, thank you.
I keep trying to write, to fix up stories for publishing in a little booklette, but I’m in no space for it. I just want to talk on the phone and I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend the whole time here distracting myself from being here. And here I am, on the computer wearing headphones. But it’s this or the television. So.
I haven’t seen Tommy or Elisha (brother and sister) much at all. We’re going out tomorrow night apparently, but so far I’ve just seen Elisha twice, each time with only one of her kids. I haven’t even met Tom’s youngest yet, but he lives two hours away and hasn’t come up here. I’m most likely not going down there, either. Well. Oh well. I’ll at least get to see him tomorrow. Wish we were going fishing.
Yesterday I went out shooting with my dad. That was fun, and my shoulder’s sore from the twelve gauge. I also shot a 9mm and a 22 rifle. I had never shot a handgun before. Way exciting. It’s nice to do things with him that make me feel like we’re really father and daughter. It’s the main reason I want to go hunting with him and all my uncles and grandpa in the fall/winter. It’s what I love the most most most about going fishing. He likes that I’m so rugged. So raggedy. Heh.
Alright. I get home on Friday. The gardener is picking me up from the airport. And we’re going to stay the night in a hotel. Then the next night I meet the One Yet to be Named in a hotel. THAT is exciting and scary. I’m staying two nights in two hotels with two butches. Where am I? Who am I? I’m a little tiny bit freaking out about it. This thing with the OYN has been so long and exciting already that I wonder how I’ll keep from geeking out when I finally see her in the hotel lobby. We’re going right into our scene. We can talk later, since we have about eight million unfinished conversations. Weird, thinking about all the dirty, nasty, terrible things I will be doing in just a few days while sitting on my dad's cheap couch in my dad's mobile home in the swamp next to him and his very sick wife. More later, I suppose. I can't really feel too many things right now, and there's so much here, so deep.

Here, have another picture. Shoot 'em up.

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north carolina. whoa.
more later.
It's not so bad, but I can't wait to get home.


Dec. 28th, 2007 02:08 pm
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a good hike is nice, too.
these are from mt. tamalpias (sp?)

this (above)is a redwood root growing across the water, sprouting trees in the middle. my gods. i can't wait to study this shit.


Dec. 28th, 2007 02:06 pm
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i love a good shave.


Dec. 21st, 2007 12:11 pm
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I had an amazing date last night with the butch top... This was the first time I actually spent the night and slept in after she went to work. This is wha I found when I came to my car this morning.

Well, they picked the lock, so didn't break the window, thank god. And, notice, my cd player is still there, but the face is gone.
They went to all that trouble to get to my cd player and didn't even get it out. ALSO, who the fuck steals a cd player anymore? And out of my shitty shitty car in a neighborhood with nicer cars. Weird. But it's okay, it could have been a lot worse. It's gonna hurt to pay for that. Ugh. Oh well.
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I'm adorable, and joey joerson made me that way. the woman's got a way with hairs, I'm tellin ya.

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this is mirabelle... a gift from zelda. i didn't have any stuffed animals before this weekend (except the cock i bought myself :) and now i have 2. this and the amazing flying deer from dawn. omigod.


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