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I just ordered crocs. A pregnancy gift from my mumma. I hope they're wide enough... I need slip-ons. And these are... not so bad. And fake fur lined. I'm apprehensive.


Jun. 26th, 2009 12:15 pm
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I have maternity jeans now. Someone said I probably don't need them yet, but I think I do, because none of my pants will button, and when they do, they hurt me when I sit down. Anyway, they are actually cute. I also got this strange orange sherbet-colored summery maternity tank top and a cute dress. This shit is super girly. And I feel cute (cutesy)  in it. It's hard to feel tough in sherbet-colored clothing, though.

So, here's the thing...Double D... )

Anyway. Michael Jackson died. Can you even believe that? And Farrah Fawcett on the same day? And Ed McMann earlier this week? What is going on? 
It was very strange to hear, from Double D's friend, that MJ had died while we were roaming around downtown. Then suddenly everyone everywhere was talking about it. We heard a gay man on the phone with someone saying,  "Michael Jackson can't die. You're fucking with me, right?" The gays seemed to know first. Then it was everywhere. Wild. I was going to post a video, but the ones I want have embedding disabled. Ah well. You know where YouTube is.

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God damn motherfucking clothes. Grrrr.
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Umn. Gilly gave me the MOST amazing necklace today.

It's a motherfucking microscope!!!
Also, my prenatal vitamins are making my hair grow super fast....
And. A microscope!!!


Mar. 6th, 2009 01:47 pm
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Because I have a little extra time, I have decided to go back through everything I packed for two reasons...

1.) I went through two boxes yesterday labeled "Memory Lane" and turned them into one box.
and 2.) I have been shopping. Umn, kind of a lot. The thing is, I have a little extra money now that I am going on this tour, and there are things I have been wanting for a long time and could not afford. Such as new underwear, cardigans, jeans so I have more than two pairs that fit me, and shoes to wear with jeans that are not sneakers and can also be worn with skirts. I have not yet crossed that line, and I'm having a hard time with it.

fashioney )

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I start my job tomorrow. I do not want to. I had anxiety dreams about it, and now I want to call to just say "You know I'm actually leaving in April, right?" In the hopes that she will fire me before I start. Ugh. I don't like it, I am usually excited about new jobs. Like, really excited.

Also, I have an appointment with a doctor. And I'm not sick. Nothing is wrong with me, in fact (except I am a little nauseous). But I need to get a pre-pregnancy checkup, which, actually, by Friday I could be like a day pregnant. And I need to get glasses. I have to have a referral from my PCP in order for my insurance to pay for the eye exam, and then I will order glasses from Zenni Optical. These are my top picks right now:

If I got them all, complete pairs, it would be less than fifty bucks. So, pair #2, in brown and orange, and pair #4 in black.... I don't know if I can pull off light colored glasses... And pair #1 possibly in tortoiseshell. I'm so fucking excited.

Oh, and the other thing is that I am getting paid to get two fillings this weekend, for someone's dental exam. I'll get 25 bucks an hour and two free fillings. Sweet! I have to go get another xray this evening at 6 in Boston. So, it means three trips to Boston, but that's okay. Fillings!

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[Error: unknown template qotd] Both. Duh. But when the occasion strikes I am totally willing to be uncomfortable in the name of fashion... for a couple of hours.


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