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I posted two new monkeys on etsy... check them out if you wanna.  

Tough guy seeks loving home.

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I made little wire flowers and hot glued them onto barrettes. They're super cute! Here's a picture, but the colors don't show very well.... top left, orange with yellow center, right, purple with black center, bottom left blue with black, right, yellow with red. They look cute in, too!

I'm putting together a package for these kids... If you know Natasha who goes to festival, her best friend has Lupus and has been really really sick, really. And she has four kids! Right before Christmas! So, I'm sending a monkey, the painted elephant and hippo, and two barrettes... Maybe I can come up with something else, too.


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A fawn, an elephant, and a humpback walk into my living room...

The elephant makes me think of a burglar. I think I might keep him.

Hopefully I'll do a water buffalo tomorrow -- painted.



Nov. 12th, 2008 11:24 am
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The monkey as so much cuter than that weird bunny-looking thing, so I took all the bunny's stuffing out and put less than half of it back in. I'm so happy with the results. So much so, that I'm posting more pictures. I know, but I'm excited!

They're super soft. And the next two I'm making from angora socks -- one is stripey ad the other has a sweater-kinda pattern.

Oh boy!

Nov. 12th, 2008 01:31 am
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I'm just going WILD over this.

Aw man.

Nov. 11th, 2008 04:19 pm
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Thanks for all the love, y'all.

Today feels like a new day. I feel like I'm emerging from the darkness that's been clouded around my head the last couple weeks. My car didn't start this morning, which SUCKS because I am supposed to be helping dk move today. I feel so bad that my car keeps keeping me from being there. And her place is so close to being so good. SO CLOSE!

That said, I have gotten to clean my own house today. I'm still in the middle of it, but it's been overwhelmingly filthy and I just keep letting it slip further and further into disarray. It's been adding tremendous amounts of stress to my already stressed/depressed state. The mountain of laundry in front of my closet is put away. My books are back in their proper places (I'm reading 4 right now, sometimes). The things I never unpacked from last weekend are out of my exploded suitcase and off the floor. I'm about to really hit the kitchen with the cleaning chemicals and get all the going-bad food out of the fridge.
And when that is finished, I will sweep the floors, maybe mop with murphy's --for the smell of it -- and then I will reward myself by making another one of these:
... which I am making my nieces and nephews for the x-mas. The next will be a sock monkey with normal ears and really looooong legs. And then two more from fancier socks for the two older girls (5 and 6).  This bunny-thing is for aidan, who is 1 and a half, and there's also a 2-year-old, tristan. The dress in the picture is just pinned together tight now, not sewn. And, should I give it a mouth? A nose? I dunno. I'm so in love with crafting right now.

I'm also so in love with the brute. It's wild. Maybe someday I will elaborate on this filthy thing, because a lot of things and plans have changed recently.

Kay. Thanks again. I really really love you people. And congrats to those of you you've received confirmations. I'm still waiting to hear about long crew. They may be waiting to hear about pregnancy.. who knows.


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the hedgehog is my new favorite.

Art advice

Nov. 5th, 2008 02:53 pm
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Hi friends.
So, this painting thing is kinda new to me. And I've been painting these little animals on scraps of wood. I want to protect them, so I got some clear spray paint to top-coat them.
Except the spray paint is glossy, and I really like that they have a matte finish right now.

Do you know of anything I can top-coat them with that is matte?

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I'm wild for the wild kingdom.


Oct. 26th, 2008 01:50 pm
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The cuteness is killing me!

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I really like making things. And i forget for loooong stretches of time to do so.
Anyway, tonight I made this tiny little painting on a wood scrap from dk's new place. It's about 2 x 1 1/2 inches. This is pretty close to actual size...  Lookit.

more more more, please!


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