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 Wow, there's a lot I want to say. I have to put it in two posts, though, because there are two very big and very separate topics I need to address here.

So. First.
 My child's teeth are growing in rotten.

Oliver has had teeth outside of his gums for about a month now. I love his little toothy face. So fucking cute! His top two teeth have big decay spots on them, right in front. Well, the second one just came in a week ago, and it has the same opaque, whiter white spot on it that the first one had before that spot turned into an indented brown spot. 

This is f r e a k i n g me out. There, I admitted it. I think I've been being rather nonchalant about it, but. Well. It is not normal. His doctor didn't seem to think it meant anything or that it was cause for alarm on any level. I'm a little bit over her. She doesn't give me enough science, mostly fluff. SO I called my midwife (who I haven't talked to since Oli was 2 months old. Sad! I miss her! She's amazing). 

So, here's the punch line: 
I called her to ask if this issue with his teeth could possibly be a manifestation of congenital syphilis. We talked about it, and though his titer seemed fine when he came out (and was he tested again? I can't believe I don't remember), AND although I had stage 2 syphilis and was treated for it at the end of the first trimester (which translates to 'very very VERY small possibility of it effecting the then-fetus'), it can cause teeth deformity. And it can also cause a sort of plateau in growth around three months. Which happened with Mr. Tinypants. 

If it is congenital syphilis, he can be treated for it and it will be all better, but the damage done already would be permanent (some decay on his temporary teeth, and he may not be as tall as he might have been otherwise). So we're going to his doc again tomorrow. He was going to have to get blood tests for his first year birthday (happy birthday!) anyway, so I figure we should just do it now, less than a month early. I need to either rule it our or treat it. And if it is negative, he's going to the dentist, like, now. 

So, that's that topic. On to the next post. 
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Ow my butt. Owowowowow.


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