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Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:Portland, United States of America
Grew up in the Midwest. Fled as early as possible. This is the order: Washington, Michigan, Ohio, My car, Illinois, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon.
That's my life. Here I am. I overshare.

Interests (55):

agony (mine or yours), being a brat, being a homo, belly-button lint, bites, books, breakin shit, bruises, collecting metal, dancing with my shadow, duct tape clothing, embroidery! fags, fire, fixin shit, food, garbage, grease, hair pulling, holes in flesh, hotpants, humiliation, igniting, k-mart, lovesluthood, metal things, mud puddles, my mom, nudity, obtaining metal garbage, pain, picking flowers (it's true), playing with brats, queers, rain on skin, school, school supplies, shovelin shit, slapping, soccer moms, sparkly clothes, stilts, stuff that's metal, suffering, switching, trading punches, tree-climbing, understanding new things, vacation, wrestling big boys, wrestling little boys, wrestling my mom, wrestling perverts, xylophones, your mom, zippers.
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