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I got to visit with someone great who pointed out to me that the last things I posted were all pretty bad sounding. And. That's so true! I've been beyond overwhelmed by any electronic communication (blame grad school). When I think about posting updates, it's just too much and I move on with my day. And now I'm in the position of having too much to write about. Headlines.

Things with jodie are amazing. We're working through a lot of stuff and it feels good and productive. Must write more on that later.

I momswoon many times every day. My kid is honestly my favorite person of all time. Lucky lucky lucky lucky.

If I could design someone to parent Oliver, I would design jodie. Who could have imagined...?

We got rear ended last weekend. Hard. My left thumb is sprained and holy fuck it hurts. Everything is working out okay, no injuries greater than that thank goddess. Jodie's car might be totalled. I'm working like a boss in my giant thumb brace.

Speaking of boss - they asked me to be assistant manager at work (manage the one restaurant). They know I'm trying to get a science job asap and they still want me because i can help get shit in line. That feels nice.

I love and hate my job.

Also, best dog.

Overall, I feel incredibly lucky. I'm still struggling, but the good things and the joy are taking up more space now. Finally.

Friends, I read all of your posts pretty much right away, by the way. And it's real nice to have you. Xo

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